Sermons by Ps Kevin McKenzie

Sermons by Ps Kevin McKenzie

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Churches in the Bible

Learn about the history of the churches in the Bible with Kevin McKenzie. Explore the people, practices and beliefs of the early Christian church, and gain a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus.
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Run with the vision

Following on from Ps Enzo’s message and with how Ps Lisa sees the church, Ps Kevin ties all the messages together to encourage us to run with the vision.
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Keeping the Integrity of God’s Word

Listen to Pastor Kevin McKenzie’s inspiring sermon on keeping the integrity of God’s Word. Discover how to remain faithful to God’s truth by examining Scriptures and maintaining its precepts. Join us as we explore the importance of recognizing and honoring God’s Word.
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Ps Kevin goes through the bible showing the true meaning of revival. Walk through the word with him and discover how to be revived.Join Ps Kevin McKenzie for a powerful revival sermon as he shares God’s Word and His plan for our lives. Take this opportunity to hear the Word of God, be inspired, and be encouraged to keep pressing forward.
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